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Shocking Questions with Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy

Founded in Austin in 1986, Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy is, on the surface, a comics and gaming store front with excellent standards in customer service, but in essence is a gathering hub for a flourishing comic and gaming fan culture. Dragon’s Lair strives to maintain a fun and inclusive atmosphere and hosts a variety of special evening events in the store, from trivia contests to concerts to in-person signings. Their ongoing schedule includes a calendar full of gaming events which are open to anyone. They have even started stocking cosplay makeup and offer consultations for anyone looking to perfect their character. To learn more about Austin’s Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy, please visit their website here.

Shock the Vote asked Dragon’s Lair a series of Shocking questions this is what they had to say:

What does your organization do?

Dragon’s Lair is a comic book, game, and pop culture store.

Why do you love Austin?

Austin is unique. It is a combination of high tech, nature, and music/artist culture that mixes in a very beautiful way. Keep Austin Weird!

Why do you vote?

It's our civic duty to vote. It is our opportunity to let it be known what we as Americans believe in, and how we want our country to go. If you don't vote, there is no statistic that can be looked at to tell what direction we want to go as a country.

Who is one of your favorite Austin entertainment groups?

Topher Bradfield (Between the Pages), Amanda Lepre of Descendants of Erdrick. Donny Cates (Comic Book Writer), Jarrett Crippen (Scare for a Cure).

Who is your favorite Austin business or restaurant?

Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy

Who is your favorite nonprofit organization in Austin?

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy Corn, (Bobbing for) Apples, Candy Apples.

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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