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Shocking Questions with Flavors Creative

Flavors Clothing is an Austin-based high-end urban fashion brand that thinks outside the box to design unique clothing with swag and style that inspires creativity in assembling an outfit. Their catalog includes a line of apparel for men, women, and children. Recently, Flavors partnered with Shock the Vote to create an amazing limited-edition clothing collection to help spread awareness and encourage the citizens of Austin to vote. 100% of proceeds were donated to Shock the Vote’s six partnering nonprofit organizations.

Shock the Vote asked Flavors a series of Shocking questions and this is what they had to say:

What does your organization do?

Clothing mfg and Sustainable Projects

Why do you love Austin?

I love Austin because of the diversity in art and culture. In the center of Texas, we have this melting pot of creative geniuses constantly growing and growing with the city.

Why do you vote?

I vote because climate change is a huge factor to me. I believe the democratic party will take the necessary actions needed to combat the Global Warming crisis.

Who is one of your favorite Austin entertainment groups?

Bagged Goods Media (Sean Barnes) is an amazing videographer. Hakone Agency for bringing light to the rap scene in Austin. Austin Justice Coalition for keeping the facts straight and the community aware!

Who is your favorite Austin business or restaurant?

Who is your favorite nonprofit organization in Austin?

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Celebrating my company’s anniversary on October 28th!

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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