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Shocking Questions with ColdTowne Theater

Located on Airport Blvd., ColdTowne Theater has been a noteworthy stage for Austin improv comedy performances since 2005. From nationally recognized acts to distinguished local groups and performers, ColdTowne’s stage serves as a host 7 days a week to all forms of alternative comedy. Due to the pandemic, all regular performances are livestreamed from ColdTowne’s Twitch channel and Facebook page. ColdTowne also offers acting, improv, and sketch comedy classes. For the safety of all involved, they are currently offering virtual classes which fill up quickly, so signing up early is encouraged. For more information on how to support ColdTowne, when to tune in to their shows, or how to enroll in online classes, please visit their website at

Shock the Vote asked ColdTowne a series of Shocking questions. This is what they had to say:

What does your organization do?

ColdTowne is a comedy theater and a training conservatory with a host of alumni, comedians, and performers now doing big things on TV, in film, and on the internet. ColdTowne also offers corporate team-building services and D&I trainings.

Why do you love Austin?

All the art and nature! Austin has beautiful parks, landscapes, and art all over the city.

Why do you vote?

Because it's a VOTE or DIE sitch / to be a part of something bigger / to stick it to the man / to support and advance policies that will directly support small + local businesses.

What is one of your favorite entertainment groups in Austin?

We love working with Austin Film Festival.

What is your favorite Austin business or restaurant?

Who is your favorite non-profit organization in Austin?

We LOVE Out Youth, Austin Justice Coalition, SAFE, the Lilith Fund, and so many more! It's hard to pick just one.

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy corn and visits from the dead.

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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