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Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Texas Appleseed

Andrew Hairston, Director of the Education Justice Project, Texas Appleseed
Texas Appleseed is a nonprofit justice center founded on the principle of greater justice for all Texans.

Recognizing that there are systemic inequities that hurt everyday Texans, Texas Appleseed is made up of attorneys and policy experts working to apply innovative solutions that create real change toward true equality and fairness in the Lone Star State. The impact of Texas Appleseed is broadly spread over many fields where there are inequities.

Some of their past projects include: ensuring millions of dollars in disaster recovery funds went to the communities that needed them most; conducting research and publishing reports on youth experiencing homelessness and providing resources to help the youth understand their legal rights; advocating for permanent homes for foster children; calling attention to the unfair practice of suspending driver’s licenses because of unpaid fines and subsequently helping to pass legislation to lift those suspensions; and helping pass legislation that ensures the consideration of alternate sentences for people that cannot afford to pay misdemeanor fines.

Texas Appleseed has also done much to protect the rights of children in school. They have assisted in passing laws that require school-based police to undergo youth-specific training, to minimize the officers’ roles as disciplinarians on campuses, helped pass two bills that eliminated ticketing youth that are under age 17 for school-related misdemeanors, and analyzed data regarding out-of-school suspensions for pre-K through second-grade students that led to laws prohibiting out-of-school discretionary suspension for those grades.

These are only a select representation of their key accomplishments. There are many more achievements as well as ongoing projects dedicated to social and economic justice. To learn more about Texas Appleseed, to get involved, or donate to their cause, visit their website at

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer

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