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Tim Doyle

Doyle launched Nakatomi Inc in January of 2009. That Summer, Doyle started his own screenprint shop, Nakatomi Print, in which he and many other artists work out of, as well as do commercial printing for clients.


Since then, he has produced art for clients such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Cartoon Network, Studio Canal, and has generally been insanely busy. Doyle also art directs poster series for bands such as Metallica, Failure, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Doyle has had 6 solo art shows at the SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco and New York, which featured his UnReal Estate Series of prints.


Doyle lives and works in Austin along with his wife and two children, a really stupid cat, and Bernie Wrightson’s dog.

Tim Doyle is an illustrator and print-maker working out of Austin, Texas. Born in Claymont, Delaware and raised in Plano, Texas, Doyle never really felt like he belonged anywhere.


Moving to Austin, Texas in 1999 to fulfill a life-long dream of not living in Dallas, Doyle started painting and showing in galleries in 2001. He self-published a diary zine, ‘Amazing Adult Fantasy’ from 2001-2003. Doyle has held many nerd-friendly jobs, including running a small chain of comic-book stores, as well as being the art director/ lead designer for MONDO from 2004-2009.

Why I Love Austin

"I originally moved to Austin in 99 to be closer to a vibrant music scene and a raging artist community. It's nurtured me and my talent, and made me the shambling, neurotic mess of a man I am today! Trust me, that's a good thing!"

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