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1602174234221_Stevie Ray Vaughan LF
Bill Stidham

"Music places my life... Not counting my belief system of course... Yes, music is the storehouse that triggers my memory. It accompanies every mood and emotion I have and gives it context. I obviously feel it deeply. Eight years ago I was puttering along with my art career. I really had no idea of what it took to be successful. In fact, I was damn near ready to quit. (cont...)

"It was too frustrating. My longest held dream was to make a living as a “creative.” At 41 years old, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I had always been somewhat adverse to painting celebrities, but my friend Donna Galvanauskas sent me a copy of Willie Nelson’s book – “The Tao of Willie” and I was compelled. It made perfect sense to me… I had to paint Willie Nelson."

-an excerpt from Bill's bio. Read the whole thing here.

Why I Love Austin

"Austin formed me as a person.  Austin was always exotic to me...  Going to the University of Texas in the 80’s was a revelation to the possibilities of what it meant to be a Texan.  Living there as an adult affirmed that I wasn’t crazy /different.  I fit in.  Felt normal being different.  My own man.  Until the day I die... wherever I am in the world... AUSTIN will form my sensibilities."

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