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Sean Sczepanik

With a BFA emphasis in oil painting and installation art from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a slew of past art exhibits, he has presented his surrealist and multi-layered paintings as well as sculptures. Through his own imagination combined with inspiration from horror films, cartoons, and punk rock, he is continuously cranking out paintings and shows his work around Austin a few times a year. 

Sean Sczepanik’s work has a whimsical and charming feel. There is something enchanting and child-like to his playful yet layered presentations. Though his go-to subject matter tends to be monsters, he will occasionally paint portraits of legendary musicians such as Screamin’ Jay Hawkins or Mark E. Smith.

Why I Love Austin

I moved here after a friend took me to Trailer Space Records to catch a crazy good local show. I couldn’t believe beer was being launched over all the vinyl and just loved the energy. I went on to frequent shows at Beerland, Continental Club, and Mohawk (to name a few) and loved them for both their intimacy and sound quality. Countless magical nights, for sure.


The food here is a dream, everyone knows that. Take your pick.


Some eateries have been extraordinary supportive of my art as well, like Magnolia Cafe’. I have a lot of love for them.


I’ve enjoyed showing at Leona Gallery and Tin Whistle Art Gallery in the past, which are super cool places to visit when you get the chance. They highlight interesting local artists and typically have great bands play the same night.


When it gets hot and stays hot, we are fortunate to have a beautiful lake and countless swimming holes to float around in and decompress.

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