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Shocking Questions with Extragrams!

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion coming up during these quarantimes and are at a loss of how to celebrate? Extragrams! provides a creative and fun solution to this conundrum. Founded by artist Kerry Lynn in response to the dearth of live entertainment the pandemic has caused, Extragrams! brings the show to your front doorstep. They have a variety of performers to choose from depending on the special occasion and who it is for. Drag Queen deliveries include a surprise, high-energy performance with balloon bouquet in hand by your choice of impersonator: Dolly Parton, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Cher, or Selena just to name a few. A custom selected song can even be requested. Music Grams involve either a traveling circus accordionist and tarot card reading or a klezmer duet. Family Style entertainment is available for children and the young at heart and includes a large selection of magical options. From fairies to belly dancers and from jugglers to stilt-walkers, there is undoubtedly something to bring a smile to anyone’s face. All Extragrams! performances are socially distanced from at least 6 feet away at all times.

For every 20 Extragrams! purchased, they will gift a performance to a place or person most in need of cheer, and they accept donations toward this cause so they might spread the cheer to more people. To learn more about Extragrams! please visit their website at Shock the Vote asked Kerry Lynn, founder and creative services director for Extragrams!, a series of Shocking questions, and this is what they had to say:

What do you do?

Entertainment Delivery: a modern version of the singing telegram but more fabulous and over the top! We feature local Drag Queens, Musicians & Circus characters that can be sent to your front door.

Why do you love Austin?

It’s a perfect balance of city life and outdoor life. But more detailed: the unlimited amount of food options, the outdoor patios and the music and performance scene.

Why do you vote?

Because we ALL have a voice and a say in what happens in our community and country.

Who is one of your favorite Austin entertainment groups?

I may be biased, but I'm pretty in love with all of my Drag Queens and performers in Extragrams!

Who’s your favorite Austin business or restaurant?

Who’s your favorite nonprofit organization in Austin?

There are so many! Austin Refugee Services

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups all the way!

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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