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Key steps to getting registered before the Texas Voter Registration Deadline

The deadline for Texas Voter Registration is right around the corner, ending on October 5th.

Austin prides itself on being a community of active citizens, and we believe voting is a critical component in taking care of the city. In fact, the state of Texas as a whole is shattering records for the number of voters registered. But did you know 48.7% of the city of Austin didn’t vote in the 2016 general election? It’s true, and frankly we can and should do better than that. So Shock the Vote ATX is going to give you the skinny on how to get registered and make a difference this election.

Step One: Are you registered?

The first step to represent Austin in this year’s election is to make sure you are registered. You can use this helpful site from the Secretary of State to check if you’re already registered. It’s always a good idea to double check as the deadline approaches, and we did it!

If you’re registered, virtual high five! Make sure you study up on all the local and national candidates and ballot measures. from the League of Women Voters is a great resource in that regard.

Step Two: So, you’re not registered yet...

Good news, there’s still time! If you still need to register, there are a few options available. Travis County has set up a drive-thru voter registration office in East Austin, at 4705 Heflin Lane, where you can register in-person Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4:30pm.

“What if I want to mail in my registration form,” you may ask virtually ...

You can also mail in your registration form the old-fashioned way. If you choose this route, we recommend getting your form in the mail ASAP so that it is received by October 5th. Seriously, we would hate for you to wait and not be able to vote.

Our community partners, the Austin Public Library, will have voter registration forms available at most locations, as well as several being sites of early voting when the time comes. Additionally, Royal Blue Grocery locations around Austin have registration forms with their cashiers, so you can grab one as you check out!

If you have access to a printer, the Secretary of State has provided this site to generate and print a completed form.

Once completed, send your voter registration forms to:

Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant

P.O. Box 1748

Austin, TX 78767

“Okay, on second thought, I do want to do a drive-thru registration or go to an on-site location to get registered,” you say?

You’re in luck! Austin is filled with several drive-thru and pop-up locations where you can get registered, happening all around town between now and the deadline. We’ll be highlighting some of those events soon, so make sure you check our website and also our social handles @shockthevoteatx on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Thanks for shocking Austin and making a difference in such an important year!

—Lucas Del Pico and Adam Sweeney

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