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Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: Austin Justice Coalition

Austin Justice Coalition is a racial justice group that educates and builds community power for people of color who live in Austin, Texas, that need support, community, and liberation during a time of systemic injustice in America. They offer many year-round programs geared toward this purpose, including a free education program centered around social justice, mentorship, and community building for youth of color from all backgrounds; a monthly book club that focuses on fiction and nonfiction that relates to social and racial justice; and an open general body meeting that allows opportunities for people to get involved and learn more about how they can best contribute to different community project initiatives. Austin Justice Coalition works to transform racially unjust social policies to promote equity in many social policy areas, including housing, mental health, education, and most significantly police reform.

Austin Justice Coalition has also formed Project Orange which helps incarcerated citizens register to vote. Since 2018, Project Orange has registered over 1,000 eligible inmates and helped 159 inmates fill out ballot-by-mail applications. They plan to expand the Project Orange program to other counties statewide.

To learn more about Austin Justice Coalition and their work toward policy change and community programming, please visit their website at

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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