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Artist Spotlight: Tracy Anne Hart

Sharpening musical talent into focus with her camera lens since 1981, Tracy Anne Hart is a professional photographer and owner of The Heights Gallery in Houston ( Her photographs of music legends are privately owned in collections around the world.

Tracy’s new book, Seeing Stevie Ray, featuring her work documenting Texas legend Stevie Ray Vaughan’s rise to fame, was released earlier this year and she has generously donated one of the photographs featured in the book for Shock the Vote’s art auction. The photograph, dated 1/31/1987, captures Vaughan performing in Houston for the first time after his departure from rehab for alcohol and substance abuse. He was said to be very nervous to perform sober, but the audience reassured him by demanding an encore, to which Vaughan answered by appearing in this photograph singing “Pride and Joy.” Stevie Ray Vaughan by Tracy Anne Hart is available now for bidding on the Shock the Vote auction website ( until Sunday, November 8, 8pm CST.

Tracy Anne Hart is currently giving virtual book talks and print events and whenever she sells prints of her photographs, she donates to the Houston Food Bank or to charities that help artists and venues that are struggling during the pandemic. Shock the Vote asked Tracy a series of Shocking questions and this is what she had to say:

What do you do?

I'm a photographer, specializing in music.

How did you come to this medium/style?

My dad, Leonard M. Hart, was a well-known photographer. So, I have been around the medium since I was born. And I've always loved the blend of art and science that photography is.

What was it about Stevie Ray Vaughan that made him such a compelling subject? 

Everything! His passion, his incredible talent, his flare and style. He was a very visual artist, amazing to hear and to see. Capturing that was my mission. Why do you love Austin?

The city and the surrounding area are beautiful, and as the (still) weird Texas town, the music and culture are enviable. It's so very sad to see what coronavirus has done to the artists, the venues, and Austin in general. Much more support is needed. Why do you vote?

I vote for myself, and for the generations of women and minority groups before me who were denied that right. Who is one of your favorite Austin entertainment groups?

Eric Tessmer is amazing! David Grissom, who does those much-missed free Tuesday happy hour shows at the Saxon Pub every week, they're sort of a symbol of why I love Austin. Gary Clark Jr., of course. "This Land" is such a great song and album. And definitely Jimmie Vaughan, especially the C-Boy's Heart & Soul trio shows with Mike Flanigin, more "symbolic Austin"! Did I mention Sue Foley? and... Who's your favorite Austin business or restaurant?

Antone's (and Big Henry's and Antone's Records), the Continental Club and C-Boy's, the Saxon Pub, and all of the great venues. Plus, indies and small businesses such as Austin Vintage Guitar. Who's your favorite non-profit organization in Austin, aside from the one you represent?

The SIMS Foundation. What's your favorite Halloween treat?

Tough question! Candy Corn, perhaps.

—Bailey Moore, Shock the Vote ATX Staff Writer


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